100 year old celebrated

How do you explain to someone how long 100 years is?
You could say it's 1,200 months or 5,217 weeks.
Or you could say 100 years is 36,524 days.
But maybe 100 years isn't about the time, but instead the person who lives it.
That was the message Sunday when the 100th birthday of Mrs. Cora Lee Bush Quattlebaum was celebrated at her church, Ebenezer Baptist, on Fellowship Road.
Cora was born Oct. 22, 1913, in a "little railroad town" called Williston. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie and Euler Bush. Her father became a Reverend later in life.
Friends, family and a community came together to offer their love, support and certainly a few laughs while speaking about the life of the woman they admire.
Many times throughout the afternoon Cora was described as a "virtuous woman." And all of the women in attendance agreed they want to look as good as Cora if they reach 100.
"I thank the Lord for my life," Cora said when she addressed the crowd. She told them, "Don't forget to pray."
She said she was "surprised" by the program and was happy to see her family and friends, many of whom had come from out of state. Cora spent part of her life living in New York.
She said she is in good health and still does everything she can around the house. She is thankful for her neighbors, community and church, she said
Showing her sense of humor, she finished her speech by saying, "I'd better sit down before I mess up."
Cora, wife of the late Mr. Levi Quattlebaum, was honored with a resolution from the state House of Representatives, read by Rep. Lonnie Hosey. Williston Mayor Jason Stapleton read a proclamation from the town, and former Williston Mayor Tommy Rivers read a letter from Gov. Nikki Haley.
And yes, there was a birthday cake too.
"You can see I'm happy," Cora said.
Maybe that's the perfect way to describe 100 years.