Credit monitoring changes begin for taxpayers

There is a new company providing protection for South Carolinians who were victims of a cyber attack last year.
South Carolina awarded a contract to CSID in September to offer identity protection to people and businesses whose personal information, including Social Security numbers, was stolen in 2012 after a hacker breached the state Department of Revenue's network. The contract is worth up to $8.5 million depending on how many people sign up for the taxpayer-funded credit-monitoring service.
Eligible South Carolina taxpayers can sign up at or by calling 855-880-2743. The deadline to enroll is Oct. 1, 2014. Children of those whose information was stolen are also covered. As of now, the service will last until Oct. 31, 2014, unless the state decides to extend the contract.
According to its website, CSID, a private company based in Austin, Texas, will provide a $1 million identity-theft insurance policy for those who sign up.
Last year, the state awarded a no-bid $12 million contract to Experian to offer identity protection - 1.4 million people signed up for it. That contract expired in October. Experian is still offering the service, but there is now a small charge: $12 a year.
According to the DOR, taxpayers who paid to enroll for another year with Experian and would like to cancel can do so by calling Experian at 1-866-584-9479.
If you were enrolled with Experian you will have to sign up for CSID's service yourself - there isn't an automatic rollover.
For more information visit the DOR website at