Williston finds dual meter solution

Williston Town Council has settled on a plan to solve the problem of customers with dual water meters.
Earlier this year, council changed how customers' water bills are calculated, and the new formula essentially made having two water meters (sprinkler and house) unnecessary. But people will still be charged for having a second meter even though it is obsolete under the new plan.
At the Nov. 11 regular meeting, council voted unanimously to approve a plan to deal with the problem. Customers can now hire a plumber to remove the second meter and tie the line into the main meter, and the town will reimburse the cost up to $225 per meter removed. The plan will save the town (and customers) money down the road, and the town won't face any of the potential liabilities of doing work on private property.
Customers with a second meter won't have to pay the monthly base rate - from $12 to $25 depending on the size of the meter - once it's removed. Williston has about 70 customers who have a second meter installed.
The plan will save the town money when the current water meters are replaced with new ones because meters removed under the reimbursement plan will not be replaced.
Letters will be sent out to customers detailing the plan.
Council also approved the purchase of a utility vehicle (UTV) for $7,482. The UTV is like a golf cart on steroids. It has 4-wheel drive, 25-inch tires, steel box with a tailgate and can carry almost 1,000 pounds - even seatbelts.
The town budgeted $10,000 this year to buy a UTV - the one they got is a 2014 Club Car XRT 950. The plan is to use the UTV to haul equipment during the water-meter replacement program set to start early next year.
In other business:
• Council approved the second reading of two ordinances, one for the town's new comprehensive plan and the other for the updated zoning ordinance and zoning map. The town now has an updated zoning map with two new categories: Agricultural and open space.
• Council voted to appoint Beth Overton to the planning commission. Administrator Kenny Cook said, "She's very active in the local community."
• Council voted to accept a bid from McNeill Well Drilling, based in Blythewood, to do the abandonments for four of the town's water wells: Dewey Court well, West Street well, Town Hall well and Old Town Hall well. The bid is for $19,100. The cost may end up being lower if the state DNR decides to take over the West Street well.
• Council went into closed session to discuss a potential hire and employee salaries. When council came out of closed session they voted to hire a new police officer and also voted to raise the salaries of three police officers.
• Mayor Jason Stapleton expressed his gratitude to the Ivy Garden Club for the gourd people they displayed around town. Stapleton said the display "raised a festive feeling for the town."
• Williston's Christmas Tree Lighting is set for Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m. and the Christmas parade will be Dec. 8 at 4 p.m.