Council wants towns to have say in EDC

Barnwell County Council plans to allow the towns to have a say about who is on the board when the Economic Development Commission is reconstituted.
Council announced the plan during a special-called meeting Friday, Jan. 3. Council went into closed session for over an hour to discuss "pre-litigation matters regarding donated properties." After the closed session, council unanimously passed a resolution detailing how the new EDC board will be chosen.
The resolution states County Council, at its next regular meeting, will have the first reading of an ordinance restructuring the EDC board. The exact details of the plan aren't set in stone yet, but the resolution details the makeup of the new board as follows:
Barnwell County Council will nominate three members - one from each of the county's three school districts - to the seven member board. Barnwell city, Williston and Blackville will each nominate one representative. The towns of Hilda, Elko, Snelling and Kline will jointly nominate a member. County Council will choose the board's chairperson.
County Attorney J.D. Mosteller said the four smaller towns might each get to pick a representative.
Council recently voted to remove all the board's sitting members.
Council Chairman Freddie Houston said, "The towns have shown real support and willingness to work with council in resolving this matter."
Until a new EDC board is created, council members Lowell Jowers and Jerry Creech will act as the primary contacts for the EDC.
The resolution also reiterated the illegality of what the previous EDC board members did when they gave away property, money and other assets to the towns of Williston, Blackville, the city of Barnwell and the South Georgia Tissue Company.