Hospital board becomes three

Barnwell County Council members are no longer on the county hospital board.
During the Dec. 10 regular meeting, council voted to appoint three people to the board, each representing one of the county's three school districts. The three appointees are: Loraine Patrick, Blackville school district; Alan Mulligan, Williston school district; and Bob Hundley will represent the Barnwell school district.
Even though the hospital is now in private hands, the board still has to deal with any issues pending from the hospital's bankruptcy.
In October, council passed an ordinance reducing the number of board members to three with each school district having a representative on the board.
Before the change, county council members had been on the board after they removed the old board members and appointed themselves. That action resulted in a lawsuit from former board members stating the council members were holding dual offices, a violation of state law. The case made it all the way to the state Supreme Court, which ruled the county-council members had broken the law.
The case was sent back down to have a Circuit Court judge rule on how to proceed and is still pending.