Cooking fire damages duplex

  • Damage was extensive from a cooking fire. A melting water pipe burst, acting as a “sprinkler” to douse some of the flames.

An unattended pan of fries on the stove is being blamed for a weekend fire.

Firefighters from the City of Barnwell Fire Department were called to a duplex at 34 Cherry Street in Barnwell around 7 p.m. on Friday, July 28 for a reported kitchen fire.

While the kitchen will require repairs, Chief Tony Dicks said his crew was able to prevent the fire from spreading, although there is smoke damage throughout the house. PVC piping, which had been added in the wall for a washing machine, melted due to the heat and acted as a sprinkler over the stove, partially extinguishing the flames.

“It helped reduce the danger and destruction that could have occurred,” said Dicks.

Danielle Ford, who was renting the house, told firefighters her brother was cooking fries on the stove and left it unattended.

“There were no injuries, but the occupant is displaced until repairs are completed,” said Dicks.

The fire chief also said the neighbor on the other side of the duplex had some smoke, but firefighters helped clear it out. The neighbor did not have to relocate.