100 backpacks distributed in Kline

  • Zyzarih Devoe, 6, picked out a pink backpack at the Kline school supply distribution. Devoe is entering to first grade this year.

One hundred backpacks full of school supplies were distributed to children in Kline Saturday, August 5.

This is the fifth year that the Town of Kline has held the school supply distribution at the Kline Fire Department.

Children who are soon returning to school were able to choose a free backpack which was pre-stuffed with a notebook, pencils, pens, paper and easers. Primary school-aged children found crayons and a glue stick in their backpacks.

The mayor and town council annually solicit donations and purchase the school supplies.

“We are a little town doing great things,” Mayor William Cave told those in line. He asked everyone to be thankful to those who had donated money towards for the event. He read a list of donors which included town council, Big 7 Association, and local residents.

“Last year we planned for 80 children but decided to uptick that number a bit,” said Mayor Pro Tem Jesus “Jessie” Ortiz. “It’s good to have some opportunity for these kids to get ready to go to school.”

Mayor Cave said next year’s distribution will take place at Union United Methodist Church instead of the fire department. He said the move was to keep away from the rain, heat and gnats which are bothersome this time of year.