Items being gathered for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief

Phil Sandifer & Sons Farms to send truckload of items to Texas

Scotty Sandifer of Blackville and some of his family members went out to supper Monday night and were complaining about the rain. They then were humbled by the stories coming out of Texas of the flooding there.
They decided right then and there to do something.
“We have the means and the time right now,” said Sandifer whose family owns Phil Sandifer & Sons Farms in Blackville.
“Back during the Katrina disaster, we sent four tractor truckloads of items but realized we didn’t have a destination for them. This time we have a plan in place.”
The Sandifers are coordinatng with Golden Harvest Food Bank which will give them a destination to a disaster relief facility for the items they gather.
“That way the items will be delivered to where they can be distributed best,” said Sandifer.
He is asking the public for help. “If there are people or organizations who wish to help but don’t know where to send items, contact us,” he said.
“We’ll take items such as diapers, wipes, adult diapers, non-perishable food, water, baby clothes and personal hygene items,” said Sandifer. “We’ll sort them, put them on pallets and load them on our trucks.”
The family has a 53-foot tractor trailer which can hold 30 pallets of goods.
“The first load is going out Friday,” he said. “It’s about a day and a half trip.”
To donate items, bring them to Phil Sandifer & Sons Farms, 1583 Mt. Zion Road, Blackville. The Sandifers can also be reached at their office at (803) 284-5111, Kitty Sandifer at (803) 793-7906, or Scotty Sandifer (803) 383-1226.