‘No bond’

Bond hearing held for suspects in Grimes murder

  • Ricky Lamont Williams
  • Teresa K. Luna

“Why no bond?” asked Ricky Lamont Williams of Judge Sport Holland on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

Holland had just declined bond for Williams who is accused of murder and possession of a weapon in the commission of a crime in the July 23 shooting death of George Lee Grimes.

Grimes reportedly paid Williams for drugs with counterfeit money on July 22 and the shooting the next day on Fairway Lane was in retaliation.

Local and state police searched for Williams who reportedly fled out of state with his girlfriend, Teresa Kaytlin Luna. The couple were arrested August 16 in Tennessee and recently returned to Barnwell County.

Williams was first brought into the magistrate’s courtroom at Barnwell County’s Joey Zorn Law Enforcement Center. Tall and slender, he was dressed in an orange detention center jumpsuit, his wrists bound at his waist and ankles chained.

Behind him sat about 10 members of the Grimes family, each with a 3 x 5-inch picture of the victim tacked over their hearts. Some sniffled, one cried but none said a word during the proceedings.

“Why no bond?” he asked after hearing the decision. “I didn’t do it.”

Judge Holland explained that he is not allowed to set a bond on a murder charge and his defense on the charges “is up to your attorney to handle.”

After Williams was led from the courtroom by deputies, Teresa Luna was led in. She also was in an orange sweatshirt and pants, cuffed at wrists.

Judge Holland set bond at $25,000 cash or surety on the charge of accessory after fact to murder.

Luna was meek in her “thank you” to the judge.

Their court date is set for October 17.