Williams retiring next year as county administrator

  • Pickens Williams Jr.

Barnwell County Administrator Pickens Williams Jr. has announced his plan to retire next year.

Williams, 59, shared his intentions to retire within the next five to six months with the Barnwell County Council on Tuesday, Sept. 19 during a closed session of the council’s regular meeting. Williams then met with county department heads the next day.

“I don’t plan to move. I’m not upset or anything like that,” said Williams. “It’s something I have been talking with my wife about for nearly a year. I have no reason other than I think it’s time for me to do something different.”

Williams has worked for Barnwell County for 35 years, serving as Treasurer from July 1983 until May 1999. He took over as County Administrator in 1999 and worked there since.

He said he notified the council this far in advance in order that they could have time to hire someone to fill the position. In fact, he said, an exact retirement date has not yet been set.

Williams said he has enjoyed working with the county. “It can go from frustrating to fascinating in a heartbeat. There is never a dull moment.”

For the near future, though, “I’ll be around,” he said.