Jerome Brown to premiere movie in Blackville on Oct. 14

D. Jerome Brown tackles the very real issue of domestic violence in his new film.

The 1984 graduate of Barnwell High School recently wrote, directed and starred in “To Love the Soul of a Woman”. A special premiere and meet and greet with the actors will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Blackville Community Center (19464 Solomon Blatt Avenue, Blackville).

The movie centers upon an abusive relationship between an older man and his younger girlfriend, although this time the man is the victim. Brown plays Earnest Anderson, “a retired military and martial arts expert who meets and falls in love with the much younger and very beautiful Monae Kinyard (Zeeky Minnis) only to find that despite his love and pampering of her and her children, her violent temper renders him beaten, battered and abused,” according to a synopsis of the movie.

“Domestic violence is not just committed against women,” said Brown of how more than three million American men are victims of domestic violence each year. However, less than 20 percent are ever reported.

In the movie, Monae lies to, cheats on, hits on, humiliates and emasculates Earnest. Even so, he still finds himself “deeply buried within her love,” said Brown.

Several friends, including a character named Joe (played by Blackville native Joe Thomas Jr.) unite to try to get Earnest away from Monae, but he stays with her. She then devises a horrific plan to murder Earnest, said Brown.

The movie, which is based on Brown’s book “To Love the Soul of a Black Woman”, was filmed primarily in Atlanta, Ga., but some scenes were filmed in Columbia. Brown splits his time between both cities.

The rest of the cast includes Kevin Rowe, Angie Stone, Rodney Perry, T.Y. Martin, Cedric Fulton, Benjie Anderson, Lainie Smith and Dave Tolliver.

Brown, who is the son of the late Eunice and Edgar Brown of Barnwell, has several more projects in the works. He spent 14 years in the military and teaches high school, although he said he’s taking a six-month break as he completes his Masters of Education degree at Strayer University. He will graduate on March 19, 2018.

General admission to the premiere in Blackville is $6 while the DVD is $10. An advance combo including the DVD and admission to the premiere is $12. Reserve your seat via PayPal by using the email

For more information, call Brown at (770) 364-1222.