Clarification on D29’s audit report story

In last week's edition of The People-Sentinel, we published a story on the Williston School District's board meeting headlined "D29 receives ‘good, clean audit" on page 3A.
The meeting was full of information including an audit review by accountant David Enzastiga of Rish and Enzastiga.
Enzastiga reviewed the main portions of the audit with board members and the public. The last item Enzastiga reviewed was the food service division information. Board Chair Scotty Richardson then asked for comments from the board.
After Dr. Tom Siler commented, board member Doris Young then commented that after all the years of hearing negative results, it was "refreshing" to hear good news.
In a clarification email from Dr. Siler Dec. 4, he indicated Young was speaking about the improvement of the food service department, not the audit in general.
In his report, Enzastiga said, the food service fund had a net income for the year ending June 30, 2013, of $59,000. For the previous year the fund had a net income of $53,000.
At the conclusion of his food service fund report, Enzastiga said "For the first time since I've been doing the audit, the food service fund actually has reserves on hand and has not had to borrow money from the general fund."
He then complimented the district saying, "I can't say enough good things" about Williston.
He then read a required statement before Richardson asked for questions then comments from board members.
Dr. Siler said Sally Kardes, the director of finance for the district, does a "stellar" job for the district.
He said Kardes oversees the payroll, operations, accounts payable and especially the food service "situation" they have experienced in the past that is now certainly a positive want to thank Kardes and her staff for making that a success.
It was after Dr. Siler's comments that Young said: after all the years of hearing negative results; it was "refreshing" to hear good news.