Unite to finish the fight against cancer

Unite: to join together to do or achieve something: to cause (two or more people or things) to be joined together and become one thing: to become joined together as one thing.
Coming together for a common goal is what Barnwell County residents are good at, and it's what the Barnwell County Relay for Life committee is hoping will happen this year.
Their 2014 theme is "Rival Teams Unite to Finish the Fight." They are hoping fans of the Carolina Gamecocks, Clemson Tigers, Barnwell Warhorses, Blackville-Hilda Hawks, Williston-Elko Blue Devils, JDA Raiders along with every other sports-minded fan will join the fight in 2014. Fans can unite to end this cancer fight by forming teams, raising much needed funds or by volunteering in some capacity for this year's Relay for Life.
Organizers called last year a "phenomenal year" because county Relay volunteers raised more than $60,000 - twice their goal.
They also received a state Relay award for having the highest percentage increase with 125 percent growth in 2013 over their 2012 numbers.
For this cause, Barnwell County residents were very good at uniting.
For Relay, uniting can help end the cancer fight. It can also allow some to continue to fight until a cure is found. Those precious dollars are seen as golden for someone who is fighting cancer and doesn't have the monetary means to get to treatments. The American Cancer Society provides financial relief in the form of gas cards and volunteers to transport patients to treatments. They provide a home where cancer patients can stay while out of town for treatments. They also provide many other services, including education and programs to help patients feel better about their selves while undergoing treatments. They also provide a means for research to continue.
We wish the Relay for Life committee much success in this year's event, and we hope you will join us as we fight this fight together.
The time for getting involved is not April 25 or the day or week before. It is now. They need volunteers to sign up to help coordinate the events. They need individuals to sign up creating teams to begin raising funds between now and the April 25 event.
They need us all to "Unite to Finish the Fight."