Pastor's Column - January 22, 2014

First Byline: 
Rev. Larry Hutto - Living Waters Fellowship

A personal encounter
An old proverb says, ‘where there is no vision the people perish'.
When a person does not have a clear, vivid picture of his future he can't experience identity with purpose. Life has little value and stability as he lives for the moment-some form of happiness. He is forced to be like someone else. Now unable to know fantasy from reality, he settles for less. Always ‘trying' to perform and measure up to society. Casting off restraint through emptiness, failure, and frustration, he perishes.
GOOD NEWS! Hear the rest of the story...there is a Creator GOD who loves him. The Creator is not mad with him but pursues him all through life. Finally, there is an ENCOUNTER - face to face with this loving living Creator. I am not talking about religion, church, denomination or institution and a fabricated list of rules and regulations for a ‘membership.'
No, I am speaking of personal ENCOUNTER. The Creator invites him into an EXPERIENCE that is life altering and life enhancing. A relationship so much greater than a decision and repeating a prayer led by someone. Then Creator brings someone alive into his life. Creator connects the man with others that fellowship around the Creator and share life together. He is adopted into this new spiritual family and together they can change their community.
Now the man then is loved and accepted. His new life is developing. The Creator shows the man his future picture, a vision - vivid, colorful and rich with purpose. Now he can write out his plan with a mission to guide his actions to accomplish his vision. He thrives! He's alive! He wakes up with a what, a where, a why, and a how.
What does your vision look like? What are you doing to get there? We are in an ENCOUNTER and EXPERIENCE with Creator. People are seeing vision and writing their plan and mission. WOW! COME AND SEE!
Rev. Larry Hutto is the pastor of Living Waters Fellowship.