Winter Weather heading to Barnwell County - prepare now

First Byline: 
Susan C. Delk - Managing Editor

With winter weather expected this evening through tomorrow, Barnwell County Emergency Management Director Roger Riley said the best advice is to plan for power outages.
Riley said to expect "extensive" and "extended" power outages throughout the area possibly beginning tonight.
He said the winter weather will make its appearance later tonight around midnight and will continue for 24 hours.
"Last time, folks did a wonderful job of being prepared and staying off the roadways," Riley said of the winter storm that rolled through the area just two weeks ago. He is asking for that same kind of preparation this time.
People need to have some essentials on hand, he said.
Bottled water, food that does not have to be cooked like pop tarts and medications to last the next several days, he said.
He suggested those with wells to fill bathtubs with water for extra use as well as filling water jugs and pitchers with extra water.
"The worst part of this storm is the number of people that will be affected," Riley said.
Shelters may not even be possible with this storm, Riley said.
Salt trucks will again resume their work to keep the roads from icing tonight.
Best advice, be prepared and stay home. "You just can't drive on ice," Riley said.