Bill would forgive missed snow days

First Byline: 
Jonathan Vickery - Staff Writer

Barnwell County students will not have to make up three days they missed last month due to winter weather if state lawmakers pass a proposed resolution.
While state law mandates students make up all days missed due to snow, extreme weather conditions or other disruptions, the General Assembly can waive such requirements or authorize school boards to forgive up to three days.
A bill in the House seeks to do just that by giving the governing body of school districts the authority to waive the requirement about making up days missed due to inclement weather. It would apply up to five days.
The bill has been read twice in the House and representatives have given their unanimous consent to have the third reading on their next legislative day. It would still have to be approved by the Senate.
It will be next week at the earliest before any action is taken as the Senate has canceled this week's session due to winter weather. The House was already off due to a furlough this week.
Reps. Lonnie Hosey and Bakari Sellers, who represent the county, also filed a resolution seeking the three days missed by county schools - Jan. 28-30 - to be forgiven. It would apply to all public, private and home school students in the county, according to the resolution, which has not been approved.
If the three days are not waived, then schools will have to find three days in the shrinking school year to make them up.