Big 7 working to realize big dreams

As Black History Month continues, our focus has shifted to a group that has stood alongside friends and neighbors and sometimes their own members to lend a helping hand.
The Big 7 Association was created in 1989 by a group of seven men who played softball together. Seeing the many challenges and heartaches around them, the men decided to get involved and be an answer to someone's hard time.
They started out small, but were determined to do what they could in the Barnwell County community to help others.
They were just seven men with big dreams.
Over the years, they have taken food to the elderly and recognized area teachers. They have helped high-school students move to the next level of their education through scholarships.
They have done many things to touch individual lives and make them better.
The Big 7 Association is now more than seven men and their impact has spread like warm sunshine throughout Barnwell County.
They make all this happen through fundraisers, community donations and even money from their own pockets.
But they need the help of the community to realize their dreams.
This year marks the 20th year the organization has helped area students with scholarships. The Big 7 Association will celebrate and fundraise during its annual Scholarship Banquet on Feb. 22.
We urge our readers to support this organization's efforts to help the community's needy this year. Purchase a ticket to their banquet or make a donation.
A future scholarship recipient already thanks you, and so do we.
The Big Seven Association's annual Scholarship Banquet is Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. at Barnwell Elementary School.
The speaker will be Donna Moore Wesby of Shout 94.7 radio. She hosts the "Education Matters" program.
Tickets are $15. Contact a Big Seven member.
Visit to learn how you can help the cause and donate.