Barnwell Co. airport ‘peerless’ for excellence

First Byline: 
William Wynne

Dear Editor,
I ask that your newspaper extend our gratitude to the people of Barnwell County for their wonderful airport and local hospitality.
The airport has been the setting of four aviation training seminars we have given since 2010. The 350 people who attended these three-day events all reported that the location, the facility, and the hospitality in Barnwell were peerless.
In the past 14 years, I have presented these seminars from coast to coast. If people attending give the event outstanding reviews, we will schedule the same location for the following year. Barnwell stands alone, as the only location that has seen four events.
Too few counties in America understand what an asset an airport is. Clearly the leadership in Barnwell does understand, evidenced by the excellent facility they operate and maintain.
I have been to several hundred small airports in the past 25 years. The people of Barnwell should be proud to know their airport is an outstanding facility.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention that we were actively recruited to come to Barnwell by Mr. P. F. Beck. After P. F. attended one of our seminars in the region, he made a very convincing case for moving the event to Barnwell. In our branch of aviation, Mr. Beck is nationally known and respected; I had confidence that his championing of the Barnwell airport was well founded.
Experience has proven every good thing he said about the facility and the people of Barnwell. Mr. Beck and his crew and their families always go to great lengths to assure all of the guests experience the professionalism and hospitality of Barnwell. They made a lasting impression on everyone, me included.
Please extend our gratitude to the citizens of your county.
Respectfully yours,

William Wynne,