Debris cleaning services offered to residents

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Statement issued by BC Emergency Management Division

Barnwell County Emergency Management Division in conjunction with South Carolina Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief will be offering chainsaw debris clearing services beginning Feb. 16 according to a new release issued by the BCEMD.
Those in need of this service should call (803) 541-1135 or (803)541-1159.
According to the Barnwell County EMD, priorities will be placed in the following manner:
Elderly, Un-insured, Under-insured,or Homeowner insured
If it is a rental property - property owner information and signature will be required.
Residents should not bring their debris to the county landfill, officials have said. The state has been declared a federal disaster zone, which means communities can receive Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to help pay for the cleanup process. The towns and county must keep track of expenses and follow specific protocol to receive funds.
In earlier interviews, residents have been directed to place their debris at curbsides.