Laurel Baye, rescue staff commended after fire

Dear Editor,
On Feb. 13, 2014, the residents of Laurel Baye Nursing Facility in Williston were evacuated to the former Barnwell County hospital in the midst of the winter storm due to a fire in the electrical system.
As the daughter of one of the residents, I was notified and transported by a friend, Mike Hutto, to the facility to check on my mother who is a rehabilitation patient there.
I was amazed at the organization for transport I found inside the cafeteria where all the ladies and gentlemen had been gathered. Most of all I was struck by the peaceful and cheerful atmosphere that enveloped the residents easing their anxiety.
As a family member of one of the ladies who was relocated to a safe and warm environment in Barnwell that day, I feel most blessed. The nurses, administrators, CNAs, cafeteria staff, support staff, community volunteers, family members, and rescue personnel who cared for our loved ones are to be commended and applauded for a job well done.
I was so proud to be a part of the Williston family seeing people in action displaying a Christlike servant heart.
I would also like to thank the hospital and Barnwell nursing home for being willing to shelter our loved ones.
In closing, the staff of Laurel Baye Nursing Facility work extremely hard to care for our loved ones compassionately and respectfully. I urge you to join me in lifting them up in prayer every day.
Alexia Corder Clamp,