Williston Rescue calling it quits

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Susan C. Delk & David Purtell - The People-Sentinel

Williston Rescue Squad will cease operations in Barnwell County March 31.
Barnwell County Councilman Keith Sloan, who is also on the heathcare committee said, "It's sad." He also said it was "virtually impossible" for the emergency transportation provider to continue financially.
WRS Director Phil Clarke said that until April 1, "We're going to continue to operate like we have in the past. None of that (service) is going to change."
He also said he is hopeful for a "smooth transition" with the new provider chosen by Southern Palmetto Hospital.
Sloan said because of the language of the asset purchase agreement when the hospital was sold, Barnwell County Council has to approve the emergency transportation services provider that is chosen for Barnwell County for the first five years.
Late last year, BCC threw their continued support behind the financially ailing WRS.
"We obviously knew there were risks in that," Sloan said, but they were hopeful for a financial recovery for WRS.
That recovery has not happened.
Sloan said he expected a "pretty seamless transition" from WRS to the new provider.
Sloan said he anticipates the only thing residents will notice is a new name on the side of the ambulances.
The company replacing WRS will bring over 35 years of EMS experience to Barnwell County.
Greg Shore, CEO of Medshore Ambulance Service, said his company is excited to be serving the people of Barnwell County.
The company - started in 1976 and based in Anderson County - will have a contract with the hospital and expects to hire some current WRS employees to stay on in the county, Shore said.
Medshore has 300 employees serving communities across the state, Shore said, and is one of only two accredited EMS services in South Carolina.
Shore said Medshore is committed to providing "good, quality service."
Shore said his team will be in Barnwell during the coming weeks working with WRS to make the transition as smooth as possible.