Woman thankful for power crews

Dear Editor,
I would like to personally thank Edisto Electric Co-Op and all the out-of-state crews, for all their service during our recent storm.
Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for all that was done to restore not only my power but so many others as well. All the Edisto Electric Staff from management, linemen and office staff worked and tolerated a lot during the days when most were without power. I was without power for several days and was glad when it was restored. I turn on the light switch without a thought and expect the power to come on and when power is out I immediately call the power company and someone comes and restores power. With the destruction and devastation that this storm caused and so many in our county without power, there was no way everyone would get power back on immediately. I was told that Edisto Electric and the out-of-state crews worked 18+ hours a day to try to get power back on as quickly as possible. In my opinion this goes well beyond the definition of "doing their job".
While most of us were trying to keep warm in the midst of the storm, I know Edisto Electric crewmen out working trying to restore power, as power was restored to some areas on Wednesday night only to be lost again when another limb fell on the lines. But they kept on working and trying to restore power. To me this speaks volumes about dedication to their job not just doing their job. We also had many crews that came from out of state to assist in getting our power back on, these workers drove many hours just to get here and then to go to work 18+ hour days, this too speaks of dedication, especially for people whom they do not know and some that were not very friendly or thankful. Our county should be thankful that we have dedicated men and women to help us out in times like this.
So again, Edisto Electric Co-Op and those that came into assist with the power outage my sincere thanks to all that you did. And I say "Two thumbs up and a job very well done".

Teresa Zorn,