Firefighters thanked for saving couple’s home

Dear Editor,
On Friday, Jan. 31, our home on Black River Road caught fire due to faulty wiring. The fact that I was home and realized the situation our home is repairable.
After making the 911 call the fire trucks and fire men were here in record time. There aren't words to express how well they did their job!
Within minutes they found the problem and then used care to control the fire and do as little damage as possible.
I wish it were possible to personally thank each individual!!!
Special thanks also to Jimmy Still who was near by and helped move valuables to a safe location. We appreciate the many friends and neighbors who called or came by. And to our family for their love and concern.
With a little time and a lot of assistance we will soon be back to normal.
Once again our heartfelt thanks to all who helped save our home.
Paul and Claudia Brantley,