Barnwell High Athletics holds NCAA forum

First Byline: 
Michael Young - Sports Editor

Getting athletes prepared for college and informing parents of NCAA regulations was the focus of a Barnwell High public forum on Feb. 24.
The forum, held in the library building, was organized by Barnwell Athletic Department headed by athletic directors Rosey Anderson and David Anatasia.
Head football coach Eddie Moore, who took charge of the event, also had guidance counselor Franciner Priester on hand to answer questions.
Moore said the main focus was to inform parents on the college requirements in all division and to let the athletes know what they have to do to get prepared.
"A lot of people don't know that the focus of high school athletics is to compete for your school, not to earn a scholarship," Moore said. "This event is to let parents and students know what they have to do to get eligible for college."
"From the time you enter high school, we want to monitor our athletes' school work to ensure the best work is being done. Getting a D grade in the ninth grade can hurt your chances of getting a scholarship because you are competing with other kids throughout the state. It's also important for students to take both the SAT and ACT multiple times and send their scores into the NCAA," said Moore.
More than 40 parents and athletes attended the forum.
Warhorse rising juniors Shakur Chisolm and De'Shawn Mayes said they took a lot from the forum.
"Coach pretty much told us to take our education serious and what courses we have to take to get prepared for the next level," Chisolm said.
"Right now, I'm already on the right path. I can't afford to slip-up. I just need to keep working hard."
"I definitely want to go to college," Mayes said. "I've been doing good so far in my classes. Now I know the things I really got to work on."
Parents at the event also thought it was very informative.
Michael Pritchard of Barnwell have two teenage athletes at Barnwell High. Pritchard said. "We never had anything like this when I came out of high school," Pritchard said.
"I have two teenagers at Barnwell High, so this helps me out a lot. A lot of parents depend too much on coaches. This is information that we need to know as well to help our children."
"This is good information for parents and students. Our kids have to buckle down in the ninth grade. They can't wait until they are seniors to get serious about their education," Brenda Buxton of Barnwell said.