Haley signs snow bill

First Byline: 
Jonathan Vickery - Staff Writer

It's official, Barnwell County public school students only have to make up one day missed from winter weather.
Last week we reported state legislators approved a bill allowing school districts to forgive up to five days missed due to winter weather; however, it still needed the approval of Gov. Nikki Haley. Her approval came March 12.
"I have signed the "Snow Day" bill which will allow local school districts to decide whether snow days need to be made up," wrote Gov. Haley on her Facebook page.
School boards for Barnwell County's three public school districts have decided to accept four of the five days granted in the bill. Students will have to make up one day on March 28, originally set as an in-service day.
Barnwell Academy will also use March 28 as a makeup day, though other private schools like Jefferson Davis Academy have not made a decision.