Barnwell’s iconic sundial is not only one in S.C.

Dear Editor,
I read with interest the article concerning Barnwell's historic sundial and am delighted to see that interest is being shown in keeping it in a proper condition that is only fitting a prominent symbol of Barnwell.
While it is a historic treasure that reflects Barnwell's colourful past, and vertical sundials may be unusual, another vertical sundial is located not that far away in Charleston's White Point Gardens (i. e. "The Battery.")
The Hobson Memorial is a vertical sundial of red granite and sits atop a base composed of stones from the 38 states from which the soldiers came.
It honours the memory of 176 sailors killed aboard the USS Hobson on 26 April 1952.
While the Hobson Memorial in no way decreases the significance of the much older Barnwell sundial given by the city's eccentric Joseph Duncan Allen, I considered it to worthwhile to set the record straight.
Jennings Rountree,