It’s time for Shamrock Hotel to be torn down

Dear Editor,
It's time for Shamrock Hotel to go.
The Shamrock Hotel has been a landmark in downtown Blackville for many years. According to different articles, the Shamrock Hotel was established around 100 years ago and was a popular spot for locals and visitors as well passengers that road on the train looking for a place to stay.
In the 1960s business begin to decline and it closed completely in the 1980s. This building has been dilapidating since the 1980s and the roof has completely caved in.
A building that was once a staple in the community is now a distraction in downtown Blackville.
The Shamrock Hotel should have been demolished years ago and make room to revitalize the downtown area.
I understand that there are people that would love to keep it and have a piece of history, but this building has been useless for over 30 years. It is time to build downtown Blackville and turn it into the small town it was when Shamrock was at its heydays.
It is time for a change and that change starts with demolishing what is left of the Shamrock Hotel. If this building has not been restored in over 30 years, I feel that it will never be restored.

Gary Johnson,