Minor drinking - major problems; Think ahead

Dear Editor,
Prom, Spring Break and Graduation season is here again. This is a time for celebration.
Occasions such as Prom and Graduation are associated with a higher temptation for youth to participate in drinking activities. Unfortunately, these happy occasions sometimes involve underage drinking which can result in tragedy.
The 2nd Judicial Circuit Alcohol Enforcement Team (AET) will implement the MINOR DRINKING...MAJOR PROBLEMS underage drinking prevention campaign beginning in April. This will include alcohol awareness presentations in high schools and alcohol compliance checks in Aiken, Barnwell and Bamberg counties.
The 2nd Judicial Circuit AET will work together with high schools, parents, and community members to do everything possible to encourage our prom participants and upcoming graduates and those having fun during spring break to enjoy and celebrate safely and responsibly-without the use of alcohol or other drugs.
OUR MESSAGE TO PARENTS: Take a few minutes to talk to your teen to discuss the dangers associated with illegal underage drinking and drug use. Set clear rules about not drinking and consequences for breaking them.
OUR MESSAGE TO TEENS: THINK...DON'T DRINK. Don't drink or use drugs. Don't get in a vehicle with someone who has. You're going to remember your prom and graduation for the rest of your life. It can be a time of laughter, dancing, fun and celebration. It can also be a dangerous time.
Think about the consequences of your actions. THINK...DON'T DRINK.

Stephen Ryan,
2nd Judicial Circuit
AET Coordinator