GBMS field trip to Washington was a ‘delight’

Dear Editor,
I had the great privilege of chaperoning my 13-year-old grandson, Christopher Morris, on his seventh grade field trip to Washington, D.C. The trip from March 25-27, 2014, was one of discovery and delight not only for 60-plus seventh graders but also for one "Papa" who felt very privileged to go for the first time himself to our nation's capital.
For those of you who have made the trek I don't really have to say anything of what you're able to see and experience and for those of you who have never been let me just encourage you to put it on your bucket list! However, the destination isn't what I want to highlight in this short letter, but the journey itself.
First I want to talk about the students themselves. Parents, grandparents and guardians of the students of GBMS, let me tell you how special they are. I went with the same expectations that anyone else going on a middle school trip would! "Two bus loads of seventh graders?"
Let me tell you that my expectations were totally wrong. You have the greatest children that I've been around. They were the most respectful and courteous of anyone I've ever been in the presence of, including many adults.
I applaud them and encourage them to keep growing and showing the world around them how to live as good solid citizens of their community. Many people like bus drivers and venue workers commented on how respectful and courteous they were. I'm grateful for having experienced three days with them.
Chaperons/parents of these students, let me pat you on the back as well. You were outstanding at watching over and caring for these students like every one of them were your own. Your care and love showed more than you really know. It was great getting to experience this with you and having an opportunity to make some memories.
Last, but certainly not least, I would like to rain applause, praise, and encouragement on the teachers and staff of GBMS who planned and implemented such a wonderful trip. I'm certain, after having spent thee days with you, that you do what you do because of calling and commitment and not for the check! Thank you for loving and encouraging our children and grandchildren and showing them how to learn and grow but most of all how to live.
Parents and citizens of Barnwell, please give these teachers, and all teachers a pat or hug and tell them "thank you" for their dedication and hard work.
THANK YOU Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Weir, Mr. Snyder and Dr. Wall. You have impressed me beyond what words can describe and I'm truly grateful for the experience.
Ken Dodson