School districts sharing ideas to share resources

Barnwell County's three public school districts vary greatly in financial stability, academic achievement and athletic victories. This could be why talk of consolidation has never gone over too well when it's been brought up by lawmakers over the years.
The county may never have one school district again, as it did decades ago, but the Warhorses, Blue Devils and Hawks can work together for the betterment of their respective students.
Officials from the county's three public school districts met Tuesday night to discuss ways they can better utilize the Barnwell County Career Center - a shared resource all three districts fund so their students can take courses there.
This is great news!
Barnwell District 45 Superintendent Jay Grissom told us he hoped the meeting could highlight ways the districts could use their resources to help each other.
One idea Grissom has concerns AP courses - the advanced placement courses some college-bound students take for college credit. All three high schools offer AP courses, though some offer more variety than others.
Moving some of those courses to the career center could mean a better selection of courses for students. The career center currently offers 12 courses, such as cosmetology, welding and criminal justice. They are adding a firefighting program in the fall.
Working together would also likely save the districts money - an important resource that has dwindled in recent years with cutbacks from the local and state levels. While some districts have had to cut back and watch what they spent more than others, saving money through partnerships like the one being discussed means each district can make better use of their resources to help our children learn.
Working together can produce great results.
That was evident last Friday as approximately 150 athletes from Allendale, Barnwell, Blackville and Williston schools converged at the Barnwell High School track field for Special Olympics. This annual event brings together athletes, volunteers and school officials from those four districts for one common goal - providing joy, confidence and fulfillment to children and teens with special needs.
While there is some cooperation and sharing amongst the districts already, we applaud the leaders of our three districts and the career center for taking this step to make sure our children have the proper tools they need to compete in the real world - whether that means college, military or entering the workforce.
Find a full story on the meeting between the districts in our May 7 edition.