First responders assaulted at fire scene by homeowner

First Byline: 
Will Whaley - Staff Writer

A Williston man was arrested for battery and assault in the third degree after firemen attempted to save him from his burning home on May 4.
Bobby Rish, 53, of 1644 Halford St., Williston was burning debris in his yard when the fire became out of control and, spread to the rear part of Rish's house.
He then tried to fight the fire himself by using the water hose in the yard.
When firemen reached the scene and attempted to help Rish out of his burning home; he began to attack the firemen.
"He knocked one of my firemen down to the ground when we tried to help him out," said Fire Chief Milton Widener. "He was literally man handled out of the house."
Along with the firemen, two other officers and Widener himself dealt with the combative Rish.
"He was out of control," said Widener "It took four or five firemen to help the sheriff officers to get him in cuffs."
When Rish was taken to the ground, officers used a dry stun application several times to get him to comply with handcuffs. Once handcuffs were in place, Rish was still extremely combative according to officers.
Rish also continuously fell on the ground. Once officers assisted him back up, he then started hitting his head on the fire truck and falling until the EMT arrived.
According to Widener, this is the first encounter that the Fire Department and WPD has had with Rish.
Rish suffered burn injuries on his arms and was transported to Southern Palmetto for his wounds. He was then released to officers and transported to the Sheriff's Office for booking.
Rish was booked and released on a PR bond by the Magistrate's office.
At this point, there is no definite cause to Rish's behavior.