JDA Raiders celebrate year in sports

First Byline: 
Michael Young-Sports Editor

Athletic Director Curt Ott welcomed athletes and guests last week at JDA's athletic banquet.
Speaker for the event was the University of South Carolina football team Chaplin Adrian Despres.
Despres said the biggest message for young athletes is not to be complacent.
"It's not how good you are, but the better you can improve," Despres said.
"I want young people to be passionate on the field for the Lord. Having a good balance is also very important. You have to be mentally tough on the playing field as well as in the classroom."
In the awards presentations, Anna Griffin received the J. Wesley Deer Athletic Award.
David Frederick was the recipient of the B.W. Rushton Athletic Award.
The Jay Crider Memorial Athletic Volunteer Award went to Will Kearse.
In softball, Caitlyn Still was named Best Defensive Player. Most Improved Player went to Makayla Thomas.
The Best Offensive Players were Anna Griffin and Lizanne Bonnette. Skyler Williams was All-Region and Most Improved.
In baseball, Ross Kinard received the Golden Glove Award. Adam Gee was named Most Valuable Player.
The Raider Award went to Adam Gee. Cole Kearse received the Coaches Award and the Most Improved Player went to Makenzie Webster.
The All-Region players are Will Gee, Anderson Langford and Ross Kinard. In junior varsity baseball, the Coaches/Hit by a Pitch Award went to Briggs Kearse. Most Improved Player was Mason Boney and Patrick Madura received the Raider Award.
In junior varsity football, Cole Kearse was named Best Offensive Player. Best Defensive Player was Briggs Kearse. Duston Sandifer received the Raider Award. In varsity football, Hayden Kaigler got the Coaches Award. The Hustle Award went to Makenzie Webster.