Finance committee hit with funding requests

First Byline: 
Will Whaley - Staff Writer

Representatives from the Circuit Solicitor's office met with the Barnwell Finance Committee on May 30.
Like the public defender's office made a request for an additional lawyer, the Solicitor's office is considered "under staffed."
The Solicitor's office requested a budget of $168,657 instead of the $106,000 that have been originally received in the 2013-2014 budget.
"We need at least one more lawyer to handle the case load," said the budget proposition.
Representatives of the Circuit Solicitor's office also noted that there are 30 inmates in the Barnwell County Detention Center (BCDC) and, that the need to move cases has increased because of the amount of prisoners in the BCDC. Another point that was raised on the proposition was that Barnwell and Bamberg have become increasingly violent.
"The types of cases that are seen in Barnwell now are just violent," said the budget proposition.
The department of Higher Education for USC Salkehatchie also requested to speak about their budget needs.
USC Salkehatchie is requesting a budget of $10,000. Barnwell County has only been giving Salk $500 in recent years.
"Salkehatchie has been around for a long time," said Reid Boylston.
There are significant more students attending Salkehatchie than other surrounding counties such as Hampton.
"Hampton County has 134 students in Salkehatchie and Barnwell has 161," said Boylston
The initial point that was made with the Salkehatchie request was that other counties that help fund the USC Salkehatchie department fund more than Barnwell and, that Barnwell has more students than other counties as well.
According to the Salkehatchie department, Allendale County has 167 students attending the campus. Allendale County funds the Salkehatchie Department $27,000 which equals to $161 dollars per student.
Bamberg County has 64 students attending the Salkehatchie campus and funds $1,800 which equals to $28.12 per student.
Colleton County has 328 students attending and funds $25,000 that equals to about $76.21 per student.
Hampton has 134 students and funds the department $20,000 and equals to $149.25 per student.
Barnwell has 161 students attending the Salkehatchie campus and funds the department $500 that equals to about $3.10 per student.
When the Salkehatchie department added the totals the averaged total funding from all counties was $74,300. The total number of students from these counties is 854. Based on these numbers, the Salkehatchie department averaged that $87 was being spent per student.
"It's just shameful the amount of money that we get from Barnwell," said Boylston.
The counter statement by the committee was that the extra revenue was "just not there" to help with extra funding.
"If there was extra revenue we would not hesitate to help," said committee member Keith Sloan.