American Spirit alive and well in nation, county

Our entire community has the chance to come together Thursday evening for a countywide celebration of the Fourth of July.
This holiday is typically reserved to celebrate those who helped secure our country's independence so many years ago. While this is still the case, this year's celebration at Veterans Park in Barnwell will also honor the men and women who helped us through February's ice storm. They are being labeled "winter warriors" - and rightfully so.
They are our firefighters, law enforcement officials, electric workers, emergency management officials, 911 dispatchers, ecumenical disaster relief volunteers, and others who worked countless hours in the cold, icy conditions. They were away from their families, many of whom were without power themselves, in order to help your family.
Americans, including Barnwell Countians, come together in times of need to help our fellow man.
That's what the American spirit is all about, right?
We've seen this exemplified time and time again.
What did Americans do after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that rocked our country? We came together, including with prayer, giving blood and volunteering.
Just this past weekend, we saw this American spirit displayed here in Barnwell County after Bethany Baptist Church was displaced from their building after a fire. People donated money, offered their services and support, and Barnwell First Baptist Church offered them a place to worship.
The American spirit - as well as the Barnwell County spirit - extends to those we don't know.
This is evidenced when we come together to help those around us, even total strangers, who are going through health problems. The pages of this newspaper have shown that throughout the years. This edition is no different as friends of Cissy Best seek to help the former Barnwell resident financially as she battles stage four oral cancer.
As a community, we share a bond that doesn't break just because you move away, like Cissy has.
This doesn't mean we won't have our share of hardships and loss, as we've seen too many times in our history, including this weekend with the murder of a young man in Williston. Our community, state and country will always face tough times, but together we can help each other get through it.
There are many things that separate us, including differences of opinion on certain issues but, when there is a need, people will show up with money, assistance, food and prayer until the crisis has passed.
That's the American spirit!
Let's celebrate that spirit tomorrow evening, July 3, at the park off Hwy. 278 by the airport by coming together as a community for an evening of food, fun and fireworks. Festivities begin at 6 p.m., including a dinner for the winter warriors, and will conclude with a professional fireworks display beginning around dusk.
We will celebrate again, individually, on July 4, on the 238th anniversary of our nation's independence.
Share the American Spirit!
Happy Independence Day!