Hagood fixes homes

First Byline: 
Will Whaley - Staff Writer

Hagood Avenue Baptist Church's 12th annual mission trip sent 60 members to Cleveland, Tenn. from June 8-14.
The 60 church members that attended divided into four teams. One team re-roofed and fixed the sides of a home.
"Our paint team painted and repaired for the home owner and the ramp team built a 30-foot ramp in addition to pouring a 30-foot concrete walkway," said Ken Catoe, the pastor of Hagood Baptist.
"Cleveland is a city of great contrasts," said Catoe. "Many are wealthy and even more are extremely poor."
The primary ministry is not home repair, according to Catoe but, hope restore.
"We share God's love with paint brushes and hammers and leave homeowners with hope," said Catoe.