Subscribers should expect to see a slight price increase

Every week of every year for the last 138 years or so the people of this area have invited us into their homes. They have trusted The People-Sentinel to provide fair and accurate coverage of the news that impacts their lives on the most intimate of levels.
We report on the births of your children, on your engagements and weddings. While you cook supper for your families, we attend meetings and report on how your local government chooses to invest your tax dollars on your behalf. When tragedies occur such as wrecks, fires, ice storms, and tornadoes, we are there. We keep you informed of crimes committed near your homes and how those accused of committing them find justice in your courtrooms. When a family member dies, their obituary appears in our pages. We bring your community's news to you and we take your news to your community.
Our pages also provide a valuable and necessary service to our area businesses. It is through our pages that they are able to communicate with you, the consumer. It is through our inserts that you learn what is on sale at the local grocery stores and who is offering special prices this month. One of our biggest and most important jobs is helping local businesses reach their potential customers. This is what keeps services alive in our rural economy.
We cannot provide any of these services without the support of you, our dedicated reader. And over the last 6 years, while prices on just about everything else have gone up, we have not increased the price to our readers until now.
Beginning in August, the newsstand price will increase a mere 25 cents to $1.
Upon renewal, our subscribers will see a slight price increase on their bills. We will be going up $5 a year on every subscription category. For in-county subscribers, this will take your rate from $30 a year to $35 a year. This new price will still save you $17 dollars a year off the newsstand. A two year subscription of $55 will save $49 from the newsstand price over the two year period.
We will also continue to offer reduced rates for our in-county senior citizen subscribers.
Current subscribers will see the increase only upon renewal of their subscriptions. So if you purchased a subscription last month, you will not see an increase until 2015.
We appreciate the years of faithful service from our many subscribers and look forward to many years ahead.
We take these duties and the responsibilities that go with them very seriously. This is your life we write about. This is your home. It's ours too.