Long Branch Fire Department opens doors to community

First Byline: 
Will Whaley - Staff Writer

The Long Branch Fire Department will have an open house on Saturday, August 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The department is located on Orchard Road off S.C. Highway 37.
This open house will be one part educational and one part fun day.
"We have an educational DVD that we want the kids to watch," said Long Branch Fire Chief Andy Hogg. "Then we are going to introduce the firefighters in their gear."
Hogg says this is important because in times of a house fire, a child might be frightened of a firefighter dressed in his full uniform.
"That scares the younger kids and they might run away from them," said Hogg. "We really want to educate them on that."
Hogg will also use a smokehouse to teach kids about how to respond to a house fire.
"I will be with them in the smoke house and show them what to do and how a smoke alarm sounds," said Hogg. "We will also teach them how to stay below the smoke level."
Hogg and the kids will crawl through certain points and firefighters will show the way out of the smoke house.
After the education part of the open house, the firefighters will have two bouncy houses, a dunk tank and the old fire truck tanker set up to spray down fire cutouts.
"We plan on having a good time," said Hogg. "This is a twofold thing to give back to the community and the second part is meeting the requirement for the educational grant from Wal-Mart."
"Most of the money was either donated by the boot drive," said Hogg. "Some of the money was given to us by Wal-Mart for educational purposes and, we bought computers and the rest went to the events at the open house."