Inmate crafts custom dog bed for fundraiser

First Byline: 
Jonathan Vickery - Managing Editor

An inmate at the Allendale Correctional Institute has donated a dog bed he made to raise funds for homeless cats and dogs.
"'Mr. A' is a master craftsman and spent many hours making this custom dog bed of Red Cedar," said Vikki Scott, president of The Animal Advocates.
Scott said ‘Mr. A' is an animal lover and wanted to give back after being allowed to be a pet dad through their MeowMate/MuttMate program at ACI where he fostered dogs and cats from The Animal Advocates' Friends for Life Foster and Adoption Center.
Since the program began in May 2013, approximately 100 animals have been fostered at the ACI by 180 pet dads. The Bamberg Dorm houses 15 cats and 10 dogs for the organization on a regular basis.
"Currently, ‘Mr. A' and his roommate are fostering a 6-week-old puppy with some special needs," said Scott.
The bed, which is estimated to cost $400, is on display at the organization's Pick of the Litter Shoppe in downtown Barnwell. After two weeks, it will be moved to Evelyn's Jewelry for two weeks and then to The Little Red Barn & Pottery for two weeks. Its final stop will be at the Friends for Life center on Highway 3.
Raffle tickets are available at the Pick of the Litter for $5 each. The drawing for the bed will be on Saturday, September 20 when The Animal Advocates has an open house at their foster and adoption center.
In addition to raffle tickets, custom "Designer Cat & Dog" hand bags and totes for animal lovers of all sizes and ages that are made by inmates at ACI will be sold at the Friends for Life Center, Pick of the Litter Shoppe, and will soon be available online at their eBay store.