Many thanked for CommUNITY school event

Dear Editor,
The schools, community organizations and churches within our community, like most others, are the institutions for inspiration and incubators of change. It is because of that simple but imperative principle that the CommUNITY Coalition's Back to School Bash on Sunday, August 10, 2014 was such a success.
As a result of the collaborative efforts of all of these entities it was difficult to make a visual determination as to "who" exactly was sponsoring this event. Was this event sponsored by the Town of Williston or Williston-Elko School District #29? Was it co-sponsored by C.U.P, Y.M.O.G and the Williston Community Service Club as Daddy Day at the Park was? Was it sponsored by a group of faith-based organizations varying in racial make-ups similar to the "Holy Week" worship services? Or was it an event sponsored by SC Regional Housing Authority #3/Southeastern Housing Foundation for its residents?
As complex as it may seem, but truly quite simple, the answer is YES for all of the before mentioned sponsor inquiries.
Just as the concept of similarities and differences can be displayed through the use of a Venn Diagram, the W-E Community members of varying race, religious preferences, socio-economic status, and income levels, focused on what we shared in our inner circle and the common goal of the betterment of our community. Our community of Williston-Elko (W-E) was destined for great opportunities since its founding with our purposed name of WE, which represent accountability and unity. We is defined as 1) I and others, 2) people in general, and is 3) used instead of the words I and/or you.
On behalf of the W-E CommUNITY Coalition, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for all of the participants, contributors and recipients for the success of the 1st W-E CommUNITY Coalition's Back to School Bash.
To the W-E School District #29: It was great to see so many of our faculty and staff members serving in various capacities: assisting with registration, distributing supplies, mingling with the parents/community members, leading activities, assisting with the refreshments, etc.
The W-E Blue Devil athletes were actively involved as well. The W-E Blue Devil football players participated in and assisted with our games while the W-E Cheerleaders were diligently working with face-painting.
Thanks to all three schools for the donation of the hot dogs for the event! Kudos to the principals and their staff of KEES and WEMS for their hard work and continued demand as they served hot dogs for the multitude. I am sure that NaKeisha Baxley, Greg/Tracie Sweet, Teariney Tobin nor Ann Widener desire to be near another hot dog or condiments for a while.
Although our district is not a recipient of large grants or grand financial sponsorships/donations, unlike some others, we employ individuals who possess the innate understanding that students, their parents and our community are made of people. The heartfelt desire of the leadership, faculty and staff of W-E District #29 to work with the community as a whole to best educate our youth was again amplified in your service at the event.
To the town of Williston leaders, our faith-based and community partners, this event would not have been as welcomed and well received in our community, if not for the involvement of all of our organizations. The W-E CommUNITY Coalition truly displayed the love for our fellow man, at this event.
I am always proud to be a Willistonian and most proud to be a mighty Blue Devil, this event was a small indicator of why and confirms that the best is yet to come for our community!
Ferlecia Cuthbertson,
Coalition President
W-E School Board of Trustees Member