Blackville approves request for police cars

First Byline: 
Will Whaley - Staff Writer

Blackville Town Council passed a unanimous motion to purchase vehicles for the Blackville Police Department.
The total cost of the two Ford Utility Police Interceptor Vehicles is $75,573.76. There will be five payments with the first one being due one year after the signing of the contract. Each $16,337.32 payment will be made annually until the total cost is paid in full.
"We have a need for additional vehicles," said Blackville Mayor Michael Beasley during their August 18 meeting. "Everything that comes across my desk is for maintenance on vehicles."
Beasley said some low interest loans have been approved and some may become a grant.
In other news:
• Barnwell County Sheriff Ed Carroll met with council in closed session to discuss information about the upcoming drug and gang task force. Carroll previously met with Barnwell County Council at their monthly meeting to discuss the force as well. While some groups in Barnwell County are skeptic about the task force being formed, Beasley reassured the public the task force is happening.
• Code enforcement officer Chuckie Stanley gave an update on building codes and the forms and time limits of enforcement. According to Stanley, the property owner has seven days to bring property up to code or face a fine ranging from $100-$1,092 or 30 days in prison." Beasley added it was "time for people to be responsible for what they own."
• Council resolved to use the auditing services of WebsterRogers, LLC, at the cost of $14,500 to conduct the annual audit for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
• New Macedonia Elementary School Principal Dr. Carolyn Anderson gave an update on the new school year. "We had a fantastic first day as well as a successful meet and greet." Anderson listed some of the school-wide activities going on, such as learning Spanish.