D-19 teacher honored, presents ideas

South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators (SCABSE) conducted their annual conference at Myrtle Beach where district teachers for the year 2012-2013 from several districts where recognized Jan. 18. Barnwell District 19 Superintendent Dr. Teresa Pope was the MC of the honoring program.
The state teacher of the year Ms. Amy McAllister-Skinner advocated quality education for children. She reiterated the role of teacher in the lives of children and how teachers can care for needs of students as well as inspire them to overcome road blocks.
The SCABSE committee members also encouraged all educators to keep up the good work and appreciated their sacrifices. The teachers were awarded with a painting of Jonathan Green and a Lynchpin medal.
The next day, teachers where provided a forum for sharing knowledge related to education issue.
District 19 Teacher of the Year Uday John and Vanessa Robinson, the chair of Blackville-Hilda High's math department, made a presentation titled "Simple, Quick, and Easy Strategies that Work." It provided useful information on strategies that teachers are using at BHHS, which aid in students' retention of information and achievement in their classes. Strategies included descriptions and examples of the Frayer Model, Think-Pair-Share, use of multiple representations, and the use of many internet resources.
The audience of about 50 participants joined in the activities that the teachers provided and the information was well-received.
John would like to thank the SCABSE committee and others for honoring the educators.