Trash pays off for kindergartner

Keaton Crouch, a kindergarten student in Mrs. Angie Dowdy's class, won an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16 GB Electronic Reader in Barnwell Primary School's most recent "Valuable Trash" contest drawing March 28. 
Keaton has turned in a total of 446 "Valuable Trash" items this school year to help his teacher win prizes too. Keaton is the son of John and Kristie Crouch of Barnwell.  
If you would like to adopt a class at Barnwell Primary School by collecting "Valuable Trash" at your home and work, please call Phyllis Martin at 541-1322 for contest details or stop by BPS to pick up a contest form or check our school website for the contest form at
"Valuable Trash" list of what to collect:
1) Box Tops for Education   
2) Domino's Pizza Proofs of Purchase   
3) Tyson A+ Labels for Education   
4) Inkjet or Laser Printer Cartridges to recycle   
5) Cell phones to recycle.  
**Cells phones must be less than five years old, in working condition, do not lock the phones and no bills left owed on the phones to recycle.  
Contest drawings for the community are held June 1 and December 15 of each year. A $50 prize drawing will be held for those who collect 50 or more "Valuable Trash" collections by the drawing deadlines.
Thanks to all who save for education at Barnwell Primary.