BHS cadets among 24 teams to compete in national championship; place 13th

C/Major Kyle Baker, C/Captain James Hutto, C/Captain Christopher Bozard, and C/Captain Caroline Johnson all traveled to our nation's capital, D.C., from June 21 to June 25 to compete with 23 other Army Academic teams and a handful of teams from Airforce, Navy, and, for the first time ever, Marine JROTC programs.
The JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl is an annually-held competition that consists of two preliminary rounds for qualification, and a third round taking place in D.C.
In this third round for academic teams, teams compete in one-on-one matches, answering Jeopardy-style questions, in the main categories of Math, Science, Social Studies, and English, with sub-categories ranging from basic arithmetic to 19th century literature, from cryptozoology to 1st century Asia. At the close of these matches, teams' win/loss ratios were calculated and the teams were placed in rankings of 1-12.
Barnwell High JLAB Academic Team placed 13 out of 24. However, the competition was whittled down from over 281,000 cadets, and 1,645 programs worldwide. The achievement of these four cadets, as well as every team in the final round of competition, is great beyond the belief of these cadets.
After the competition, cadets from both Leadership and Academic teams were taken to the Memorial Gardens in D.C. and left to their own devices. Teams had the opportunity to visit the different memorials, monuments, and museums while there, with roughly eight hours to explore and discover, and broaden their minds further. After three days of hard competition, this was a good way for cadets to blow off steam and have some fun.
This trip was a new experience for many cadets, and the privilege of being in this competition and competing is one that many cadets will not experience.
Congratulations to all teams who competed, and good luck to all cadets who wish to qualify for it in the future.