Guinyard-Butler Middle School pageant winners

Guinyard-Butler Middle School held its pageant in November, and the winners represented their school proudly for the rest of the school year.
Mr. GBMS was Nathaniel Toole.
Jacob Bodiford was crowned Mr. 8th Grade and Joseph Bodiford was 1st Runner-Up.
Jordan Jackson was crowned Mr. 7th Grade with 1st Runner-Ups being Tyrell Workman and Bailey Navarro.
Below are the girls who were crowned and the runners-up


Below from L to R: Kimani Perlote was crowned Miss 8th Grade and Miss Congeniality. First Runner-Up was Grace Googe (Grace was also crowned Miss Liberty), Second Runner-Up was Jenna Ray and Third Runner-Up was Lori Breland.


Below: Kimani Mattison Hooper, right, was crowned Miss 7th Grade. First Runner-Up was Tara Spence, Second Runner-Up was Lindley Still, and Third Runner-Up was Sydney Burbage.