Trust building

Residents and officials from around the county came together Monday night in Williston to show they're willing to work together to move Barnwell County in the right direction.
In what is hoped to be the first of many town-hall meetings across the county, Barnwell County Council heard from officials, business leaders, and community members during the two-hour meeting at Williston Town Hall.
Several speakers talked about how the county suffers from a lack of trust and communication among the various governing bodies, but everyone said they want to leave the past behind and move forward together.
School officials talked about the importance of education in building a vibrant community now and in the future - adding that the school districts need the money and resources necessary to offer the best education possible to children and young people.
County council members discussed the need for installing a capital-project sales tax to raise revenue for projects to improve the county and municipalities. The 1 percent tax would raise revenue for designated projects and would need voters' approval in November before taking effect.
No concrete goals or plans were put in place during the meeting, but those in attendance agreed the county has to start working as a whole in order to overcome the challenges it faces.
Look for a full story about the meeting in the April 9 edition of The People-Sentinel.