Road causing headaches for residents

Update: During the regular county council meeting April 8, Councilman Lowell Jowers brought up the issue of Myrtle Drive. He said he'd been out there, and the road is in terrible condition. Council discussed the problem of the road being a private drive, but the county will look into what can be done with the road. 

Myrtle Drive is a road in Barnwell County, but calling it a road is being very generous.
The dirt road, off of Ball Park Road just outside of Snelling, is more like a 500-foot-long obstacle course drivers must maneuver - full of potholes and giant dips in it that fill with water when it rains. Go more than a couple of miles per hour and you're in for a bumpy ride.
There is one home with an address on Myrtle Drive. It belongs to Eddie Barnes, and he's been trying to get the county to do something about the beat up drive for years.
"It's a mess," he said.
Barnes said the road needs to be drivable so emergency vehicles can go down it and get to Eric Drive, another dirt road with several homes on it. Myrtle Drive is the only road access to get to Eric Drive.
But county officials said both Myrtle Drive and Eric Drive are on private property and not on the list of dirt roads that the county maintains.
County Administrator Pickens Williams Jr. said the road has been a problem for years, but the county can't do anything about it because the road needs to be completely rebuilt, and the county doesn't build roads anymore - it just maintains them.
In 1993, county council passed a "road acceptance" ordinance that lists criteria roads must meet before council will vote whether to have the county do routine maintenance on them. Myrtle Drive, in its current condition, doesn't meet all of the requirements.
According to the county assessor's office, Myrtle Drive is on property owned by W. Wiley Moore Jr. Attempts to reach him for this story were unsuccessful. Barnes bought the property he currently lives on from Moore in 2011, according to county records.
What's frustrating for Barnes is that the dirt road directly across Ball Park Road from Myrtle Drive is county maintained. It's called Wiley Road. Barnes claims Myrtle Drive used to be part of Wiley Road.
To add another twist, land plats of property on the other side of Ball Park Road - which is paved and maintained by the county - list Wiley Road as Myrtle Drive.
"It's a county road," Barnes said about Myrtle Drive.
Barnes gave a petition, with dozens of signatures, asking the county to maintain Myrtle Drive to Williams. 
"I think county council should come down this road, and they'll see," Barnes said.