BPS students jump rope to raise nearly $3,000

Students at Barnwell Primary School raised money for people with heart disease in a healthy way.
The school participated in Jump Rope for Heart Oct. 20-24. The school has participated in the national education and fundraising initiative, which is sponsored by the American Heart Association, for at least 29 years.
"We encourage all of them to be a heart hero by helping others. We also point out that it is beneficial to them and the health of their heart," said Carol Massengale, the school's physical education teacher.
In all, students raised a little over $2,900 to help those with heart disease who can't afford the care they need. Cora Boylston was the highest collector with $150 and Ms. Caroline Moore's class will enjoy a special party at the end of the school year after raising more than $300 to be the highest collecting class, according to Massengale, who thanks everyone who donated.
According to the American Heart Association's website, 75 cents of every dollar raised will stay in the association's seven affiliates. Of that, approximately 60 cents will fund programs and operations in the region while 15 cents goes toward local research. "Recent local research has led to breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluding stents," states the website.
The remaining 25 cents goes toward national expenses, such as national research and national programs that work to create healthier policies.
To prepare for the event, students watched a video two weeks beforehand that explained the purpose and introduced a child that has benefited from funds raised in previous years. Students then took pledges from family and friends and were able to earn prizes based on the amount of money they collected. The week before the event, they learned how to jump rope and Massengale explained the health benefits offered by rope jumping.
On the big day, each student received a jump rope and had 45 minutes to jump by themselves or in a group.