Blue Devils become alumni

Family and friends armed with iPhones and balloons gathered at Williston-Elko High School for graduation June 5.

The senior class of Blue Devils officially marked their departure from high school with a hand shake and diploma.

“Some are going off to college, some off to work, and some will follow the tradition at Williston-Elko High by serving in the armed forces,” said class Salutatorian, Joshua Everson.

Everson is preparing to go to Clemson University in the fall.

Class speaker Savannah Greene commended her fellow students for their hard work throughout their journey. She also reminded them to take some time to blow off steam as they work toward their future.

The road ahead may seem daunting for some but pride and excitement were all that could be seen on the faces of the graduates.

Although the families were asked to hold their applause until the end, few could hold their cheers and excitement as their student’s names were called.

The diploma exchange between students and Principal Joel Mitchell drew whistles and even air horns from the crowd. The staff and faculty were accommodating and gladly let each student have their time in the spotlight.

In his address to the class, Principal Mitchell expressed his pride in the hard work the students had put in.

“I couldn’t ask for a better senior class to work with,” he said of his short time in the position.

Whether departing for Clemson, USCA, the Navy or Air Force, all students received accolades and encouragement from an encouraging and supportive group of community, faculty, and family.

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