Spectators need to realize ‘It’s just a game’

Parents and spectators we need to realize, “It’s just a game”

Very few or if any of our children will receive fortune or fame.

Basketball, football whatever sport it doesn’t matter

We need to be mindful of our hurtful chatter.

The things we say and do are taking away the fun

From your child or someone’s daughter or son.

There isn’t anything wrong with being a fan of the game

It is very unfair to criticize and yell out an ugly name.

There may be a player’s family member sitting near you

Are you aware of what you putting them through?

The coaches all have a target on their back

Don’t win or play a child, here come the attack.

Coaches are also people who have love ones too

Their spouses and family members also hear you.

Some fans are so bad they need a form of restraining

For their awful insults and complaining.

The level of competition doesn’t matter much anymore

It’s as if good sportsmanship has been tossed out the door.

Your child and someone’s daughter or son

Are the ones no longer having fun.

Let’s learn to support our children and team in a positive way

Cheering and encouraging all of them as they play.

When the time runs out and the final score is made

We need to realize, “It’s Just a Game” being played.

Vanessa Stroman,