$1,000 raises proposed for county council

A $1,000 annual raise for Barnwell County Councilmen is one of two recommendations by the county Personnel Committee to be presented to the full council on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

The committee met on Wednesday, Jan. 24 to discuss the matter. The committee is comprised of County Council members Jerry Creech and Don Harper, County Administrator Pickens Williams Jr. and Business and HR Manager Debbie Fickling.

The group agreed to propose to council that each council member be given a $1,000 annual raise. Currently the chairman is paid $9,800 a year while all others on council are paid $8,000 a year. This is separate from travel and reimbursable expenses.

Also on the meeting agenda was an item related to employee bonds.

The county has a “blanket bond” which covers employees who are required to handle money, explained Williams, but some are not eligible for coverage under the insurance bonding.

The committee voted to recommend that when an employee is hired and signs their terms of employment, if they are not eligible for the blanket bond then they will be personally responsible for paying for bonding.

Both recommendations will need to be voted upon by the full Barnwell County Council before taking effect.